Supporting Organizations to align around data, not opinions


Strategic & Tactical Hiring

Define job roles and prioritize the best-suited candidates with behavioral data

Standardized interview processes that remove unconscious bias.


Leadership & Team Development

Leverage people data to deliberately design leadership, culture, and team dynamics

Provide insights employees need to manage themselves and their workplace relationships


Retention and engagement

Measure people data to diagnose root cause of problems.

Take action on engagement with a suite of tools to improve job fit, management, and team dynamics, and culture. 

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Is your team aligned with strategy?

Is your team's behavior hardwired to achieve its goals? The reality is, if you are not utilizing data to gain insights, you may very well have some misalignment that will impact the likelihood of reaching your goals.

Within 60 minutes we assess your teams' alignment to strategy and highlight any blind spots you may not be aware of.

High-performing teams don’t just happen, you develop and nurture them.

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Try the Predictive Index Behavioral assessment

Understand how you are naturally hard wired in order to improve productivity.  

Whether you have never completed or can't remember your last Behavioral Assessment, take a FREE assessment. 

We can guarantee you will remember your Predictive index reference profile.  


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How Talent Optimized are you?

Talent optimization uses data and analytics to make sure that a business leader's path to success is informed and purposeful. It helps define job requirements, identify ideal candidates for open positions, align teams to accomplish business goals, and effectively inspire employees for optimal results.

Find out how  Talent Optimized you are with our FREE  Health Check  

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Are you struggling to attract and retain talent?

We are able to analyze job ads to determine whether the language is attracting the right behavioral profiles for the role.  

Improve your recruitment and retention.

Talent Optimizers offer a FREE assessment.  For more information, please click the link below.

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