About Talent Optimizers

Talent Optimizers helps organizations find, retain, and develop talent and align teams with strategy.

What We Do?

Talent Optimizers is a management consultancy focusing on Talent. We leverage a network of Certified Talent Optimization consultants and utilize a range of toolsets, including The Predictive Index to support organizations find, retain, and develop talent and align teams with strategy.

Why Do We Do It?

As organizations look to bounce back from 2020 stronger, many CEOs have ambitious goals. While achieving them requires a strong business strategy, executives can’t afford to neglect talent strategy. Businesses don’t run themselves; people do. And that means building a talent strategy that prepares employees for the work ahead. 

Talent optimization uses data and analytics to make sure that a business leader's path to success is informed and purposeful. It helps define job requirements, identify ideal candidates for open positions, align teams to accomplish business goals, and effectively inspire employees for optimal results.

Who Do We Do It For?

We work with Business and HR leaders looking to retain, and develop talent and align teams with strategy.

Who Are We?

Talent Optimizers leverages a network of Talent Optimization professionals and is managed by Chief Strategy Consultant and owner Damon Clark. 

Damon, who has spent over 15 years leading cross-functional teams in the UK, Italy, UAE, and the United States for organizations such as Hubspot, Acer, Dell EMC, Harte Hanks.

In 2009, Damon left the corporate environment to launch a successful start-up called Amphibia, which provided adventure activities, youth development, and a range of training solutions throughout the UK.  After selling Amphibia, Damon relocated to Boston Massachusetts.  After time with Hubspot, Damon spent 2 years at the Predictive Index helping set up and training their partner network before establishing Talent Optimizers. 

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