Build the Right Seat, Hire the Right Person


The Head

Behavioral Attributes and Cognitive Ability

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The Heart

Value-Alignment, Motivators, Interests

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The Briefcase

Professional Achievement Profile

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Titus Talent Stratgies.

We've partnered with Titus Talent, who look at the whole person, The Head, The Heart, and The Briefcase for hiring success.

Their process for hiring will equip you with the framework and tools you need to put the right people in the right seats at any level of your organization.


Supporting Organizations to align around data, not opinions

Strategic & Tactical Hiring

Define job roles and prioritize the best-suited candidates with behavioral data

Standardized interview processes that remove unconscious bias.

Leadership & Team Development

Leverage people data to deliberately design leadership, culture, and team dynamics

Provide insights employees need to manage themselves and their workplace relationships

Retention and engagement

Measure people data to diagnose root cause of problems.

Take action on engagement with a suite of tools to improve job fit, management, and team dynamics, and culture. 

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