The Predictive Index

Talent Optimizers are proud certified partners of The Predictive Index.  We support over 60 Predictive Index clients across the globe and provide onboarding, consulting, and a range of workshops to support organizations wanting to implement and run The Predictive Index. 

The Predictive Index Software platform is a game changer within the world of Learning and Development. Historically, organizations relied on expensive consultants to provide behavioral-based training, which meant it was reserved for senior executives.  With the help of The Predictive Index's intuitive platform, we now provide this same training, cost-effectively to the whole organization

In addition, the impact on this training was traditionally short-lived as the training manual would soon be collecting dust in a desk drawer.  With the help of Predictive Index's accessible software platform and easy-to-remember reference profiles, we're now able to drive ROI indefinitely.  

In addition to providing the full range of Predictive Index workshops and consulting, Talent Optimizers provide additional support services complementary to our client’s subscription. This will include client-only webinars focused on product knowledge, workshop resources, and how-to guides. 

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