Talent Optimizers utilize a range of toolsets, including The Predictive Index and The Five Behaviors to support organizations find, retain, and develop talent and align teams with strategy.  Workshops include:

Introduction to Team Cohesion
High Performing Teams don’t magically happen. They are created and require conscious effort to maintain and flourish. This short workshop introduces the foundations of a high-performing team, including individual styles that impact the way we work and perform within a team.

Create awareness with people's data
What gives productive, high-achieving teams a competitive edge? Collaboration. In the constantly changing, technology-driven world we live in, ensuring there’s healthy collaboration within your teams is critical to building a strong culture and delivering results. The key to getting there is to start with self-awareness.

High Performing Team Series - Align Teams with Strategy
Build teams that trust each other, communicate, and hold each other accountable—so you maximize your bottom line. Use a proven framework to build accountable and cohesive teams, and drastically improve your team's performance

  • Design Building cohesive teams that appreciate working together and resolving conflict.
  • Design Supporting teams to leverage strengths and recognize risks in order to execute.



The Five Behaviors® Team Development
Build a cohesive team that drives results. The Five Behaviors model will be used to help team members learn to work together more efficiently and effectively and to become a more cohesive team.

High Performing Team Series - Full leadership program 
The Talent Optimizers High Performing Team Series provides a full talent performance program that provides a quick, effective, and sticky solution to
improve how individuals and teams perform. 

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